reflexology treatmentReflexology is the art of foot and hand massage. It correlates to all the organs and systems in the body, and it can help you in a wide variety of ways.
A great way to De-stress is with a foot massage. Give it a try.

Reflexology can be done practically anytime and anywhere. The trick is consistency.

We have been impressed with the results from China. Their secret seems to be that they do reflexology once a day for six days in two-week segments. Then they review the results and do more segments as necessary. This requires self-help and family help as well as the guidance of practitioners. The practitioner can give you a quality signal to break up the pattern of stress, but you and your family can provide the quantity to help break it up.

Build reflexology into your life. It is easy to do reflexology while doing other activities. Put a foot roller under your desk or work your hands while waiting for the kids at school. Be creative, but be consistent. Five minutes a day is worth more than an hour once in a while.



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