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Below are actual testimonials of clients that have experienced a bodywork session with Happy Feet Reflexology and/or the products we offer. We would love to hear your experience(s) and include them. Contact me to find out how. Thank you for sharing!

Bodywork Experience Testimonials

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Hey Elizabeth,

I was in a few weeks ago to see you (Dave Walkers friend) and I’ve been meaning to email you for couple weeks now to thank you for the session and to let you know it was a BIG help. By the second day all the pain in my left foot by my big toe was gone and I’ve been able to walk, hike, and exercise etc. now.

So again THANK YOU and I will get back in to see ya soon.



Words are hard to find to describe what a joyful presence has been in my life for over a year now. Shortly after meeting Elizabeth in a women’s networking group, I began seeing her twice a month for Reflexology sessions and fell in love with this method of healing and relaxation.
It definitely has the magic touch and each time I go I become more addicted to the way reflexology makes me feel relaxed, renewed and better able to function in daily life.
I still go on a regular basis and consider it a necessity of sane living, rather than a luxury. While I enjoy the feeling of well-being I receive from our time together, what I like most about Elizabeth is her bright, friendly personality. We have a great time talking and laughing together and I have found her to be very dedicated to her continuing education & personal growth.

I felt so at peace after my reconnective healing session with Elizabeth I slept very well and very deeply that night, and even days later, feel more inner harmony.

I highly recommend (Happy Feet Reflexology) healing massages for others. (The therapist shows great) talent in delivering a relaxation massage (which) comes naturally.  I love the solar plexus points of care.

The biggest dilemma I have when making an appointment is which treatment I want to have… all are so wonderful and relaxing.

I think my favorite is the reflexology raindrop session. When Elizabeth explained reflexology to me, I was very skeptical. Having someone touch my feet is far from enjoyable as they are very ticklish. The concept was intriguing and I gave it a try, it was great and despite my skepticism it is truly relaxing. Now I am sold on the benefits of reflexology.

It is the most amazing way to eliminate stress, sore muscles, and other health issues. If you haven’t tried this service yet, you are missing out on a fantastic experience.

I have been struggling with shingles and the after effects of shingles. Shingles leaves nerve damage in some cases. When Elizabeth spoke to our group awhile back, I considered that the reflexology might be something that I try.

Well Elizabeth and I tried this yesterday. I must say that I have read about this – and I can be pretty cynical about things – but finally I decided to try it, that it couldn’t hurt! This treatment is an unusual sensation — and when Elizabeth worked on the area of my foot that corresponds to the affected area – I felt a very unusual ‘flutter’ — not quite a spasm ….flutter is my best word. It was deep in the affected area.

I left feeling very relaxed, but not really any change that was discernable. BUT – today, I really think the area seems much better. Strong narcotics are usually the main way I get relief, but I have taken nothing today. I was surprised to find myself grabbing the vacuum and cleaning the floor —– without any thought. This is a big step for me.

I would strongly recommend reflexology is a great option for anyone who has pain and does not want the affected area touched directly.

I just wanted to let you know that I have tried other massage therapists in the past, some only once some of them a few times. I really want you to know that I have found you to be the best yet. In all honesty, you truly have a gift. This is not something I say lightly. I really feel it takes someone special to be so good at something. You always seem to be in so tune to how I feel. I never had reflexology before I met you, it is wonderful. It is impressive to see how much you can do, so many types of therapies that you provide and those wonderful oils.

It’s nice to have someone who is so knowledgeable and can recommend a different therapy that may work better. I can’t wait to try everything. I wish you and your business well but you can’t loose, you have the gift to share. Thank you for sharing with me. Bless you and your hands of healing.

When I have a reflexology appointment with Liz my feet are happy and I feel that it helps me have a more positive week because I have made time to take care of me as a part of my daily schedule. Liz loves what she does and reflexology is a great fit for her. Ask her to tell you the story of her childhood with her dad lining up all the kids and cutting toenails before he rubbed their feet. Now you know why Liz loves this career. So give your feet a treat and have a regular reflexology appointment with Liz.

Margaret L. VanLaanMartin
Age of Aquarius

Product Experiences: Essential Oils

I have used several of the essential oils and some blends, but my all time favorite is lavender. I use it any time I’m not sure what to use. I suffer from mild acne and have found it to help dry up pimples and almost eliminate blackheads. I finally got my teenage son to use it and he says it’s the best thing he’s tried (we’ve tried EVERTHING for him).

Not to mention he must smell good when he goes to school… I’m sure the girls love that! My youngest son (now 8) loves lavender. He suffers from anxiety (can you imagine….at 8?) so he has trouble sleeping. Sometimes at bedtime he asks for the “calming down oil” (otherwise known as lavender). I give him a couple drops in his palm and he rubs it on his stomach. When he gets a nervous stomach before school I give him either lavender or Acceptance to rub on his stomach. Seems to make a big difference.

I’ve also used peppermint and lemon for heartburn. I just put a drop or two in a glass of water or right in my mouth if I’m unable to get a water right away. Works great. I’m totally hooked.

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